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D.A.V.E is David Clarke: a DJ, live performer, and tutor from London, UK. A truly unique cross-genre, cross-platform artist specialising in drum & bass. His clever and well thought out sets deliver every time to ever expectant crowds. A drum & bass purist who moves around inside the genre, hints of his early jungle days expertly woven with hints of liquid, ensure a set full of energy and originality.

D.A.V.E has an extremely high-level technical background within electronic music that is often not found in the booth. D.A.V.E (Digital And Vinyl Expert) is an accomplished instructor for institutions such as Point Blank, Future DJs, Crossfader, ADSR, and is one of only a handful Native Instruments Product Specialists globally.

He has been the main focus in several tutorial videos including ones for BPM, Point Blank, and several live streams including DJ Mag, Point Blank, and ADSR.

D.A.V.E has had a number of reputable bookings for his unique performances. Not one to stick to the ‘norm’, D.A.V.E’s unique sets comprise a seamless blend of platforms, vinyl, digital, hardware, and software, that delivers a truly immersive musical experience. He has played at Ministry of Sound, 333, Sugar Hut, Mother Live, The Garage, as well as a very rare guest performance in front of the Berlin wall.

D.A.V.E has helped countless artists reach the next level in their performance and careers and is revered as one of the UK’s top multi-platform specialists. His own work in the studio is one that D.A.V.E has held back on to enhance others. Now is the time for him to push himself forward and showcase his undeniable talent to a wider audience.

You would be hard-pressed to find an artist that is both as technically capable and passionate as David and his D.A.V.E brand. A true crowd-pleaser that takes his audiences on a musical journey like no other. It is time for D.A.V.E to truly show the world what he is capable of........

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D.A.V.E. - Digital And Vinyl Expert